IMG_9436 July 24

Benza’s Almond Cake

It’s been pretty quiet around here over the past two weeks without the constant crowd of boys watching the World Cup. Somehow baseball doesn’t conjure up the same passion here at House Morell.  The images beamed in from Nats Stadium just can’t compete with those from Maracana Stadium in Rio.  Although, I must say, Lebron […]

cubano1 July 22

Cubano Sandwiches

b When I travel or eat out, it’s not unusual for me to run home and try to create some dish I’ve experienced along the way.  But I can’t remember a time when this has happened after watching a movie.  (OK, there was Julie and Julia, but that was a long time ago.) On Sunday, […]

IMG_9395 July 20

Caramel Macchiato Ice Cream Cake

Summer is officially half way over, and my summer reading program is not going according to plan. Every summer, I assemble a ridiculously ambitious pile of books, and keep adding to it every time I wander into Politics and Prose or Bethany Beach Books.  I try to include a few titles to enrich my brain, […]

photo 4 (1) July 16

Fig, Goat Cheese and Pancetta Pizza

Big changes to announce at House Morell.  I’ve been contemplating a career refocus for quite a while – let me explain. I’ve called myself an “accidental” tech teacher for years and years because I fell into it about a decade ago while living London – a subbing job turned into an assistant tech teacher role. […]

IMG_9020 July 02

Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Banana Granola

  Last week I went to New Hampshire. For about 12 waking hours. Let me remind you I live in Virginia. What? (You might ask.)  Who goes to New Hampshire for 12 hours?! There are two reasons. First:  I’ll go anywhere for a nice dinner, and Michael promised one if I agreed to tag along […]

IMG_8763 June 29

June Link Love

  I’ve been tinkering around today with the blog design today.  After nearly six months of this blogging adventure, I still felt I hadn’t quite found “the look” I had been searching for.  I’m on a wait list to have the amazing team over at Wooden Spoons Kitchens help me fully redesign my look this […]

saltedalfbars3 June 27

Salted Alfajores Bars and Baking for Good

I suspect the most requested item at House Morell are my Tiny Alfajores.  These tiny shortbread cookies filled with dulce de leche are completely addictive and wonderful… but they take a good bit of time to make.  Since I am a girl who always seems pressed for time, I have been contemplating a bar version […]

summertart2 June 23

Sour Cream and Roast Veggie Tart, and a Giveaway

When friends are coming for dinner, I am a person who can’t stand to miss even a moment of the conversation.  So fair warning; if you come to my house, you’re likely going to be served a menu that has been made almost entirely in advance.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  Lots of lovely […]

bakedbeans1 June 22

Jackie’s Hawaiian Baked Beans

This evening we hosted a bit of a crowd for the World Cup game.  I never did stop to do a head count of the boys’ friends, but I’m fairly certain over 20 people were stuffed on the couches in two different rooms…  We served mixed grill – flank steak, chicken and sausages.  Roast potatoes, […]

photo 2 June 18

Corn Crème Brûlée

Our dear friend Joe loves food.  All sorts of food.  His loves range from a “secret” stash of junk food (Oreos, salt and vinegar potato chips, spicy Cheetos), to hosting kitchen clam bakes for dozens of friends, to seeking out the best restaurants when he travels.  At one point, he was even making his own wine […]

IMG_8705 June 17


I wandered into Crate and Barrel this morning, (dangerous territory for me and my credit card…) and ran into my kindred spirit Dona Suzy – who lived across the street from me in São Paulo, Brazil over 30 years ago.  Very small world.  We chatted about all sorts of things and lamented the fact that […]

IMG_8684 June 16

Peaches, Pistachios and Goat Cheese over Baby Spinach with Fig-Balsamic Dressing

Sometimes culinary inspiration strikes from exotic locations or fabulous cookbooks, but this is one of those recipes inspired by a simple Monday morning visit to the market.   A very short trip in which I found completely gorgeous peaches…  Let me tell you, they are perfect.  Perfectly ripe, perfectly sweet, perfectly juicy. Too perfect to […]


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